Dual Exhaust After Treatment System

Dual Exhaust After Treatment System all-in-one housing

We work together with XEAMOS to provide the best after treatment systems on the market. An ultimate solution for superyachts is their Dual Exhaust After Treatment System executed with an all-in-one housing. It consists of combined silencer/catalyst housing with an integrated DPF and SCR system. As the urea injector and mixer are integrated in the catalyst housing, the overall installation length is much shorter than any other DPF/SCR combination. The catalyst housing also achieves 35-40 dB(A) sound attenuation. To support the DPF system, a fuel burner for active regeneration and a bypass valve are integrated in the same housing.

Zenoro customised sound enclosures can be opted to carry a Dual Exhaust After Treatment System on top of the generator set. This limits the shipyards installation workload to a minimum. Simply install as a complete skid and connect seawater, fuel, exhaust and power cables.

Fuel BurnerDual Exhaust After Treatment System electrical

As an alternative for the all-in-one housing, XEAMOS offers a Dual Exhaust After Treatment System electrical, which consist of two separate housings. Lower costs & easier integration by less components compared with a fuel burner system.

Dual Exhaust After Treatment System fuel burner

Electric Heater SystemA Dual Exhaust After Treatment System fuel burner consists of two separate housings (Fuel burner Zero Soot & Zero NOx compact), for clients who do not select the all-in-one housing for various reasons.

Fully certified from a single supplier

At XEAMOS all systems supplied with Zero NOx or Dual Systems including the necessary EIAPP IMO Tier III documentation. By that the complete package is emmission certified.

Need some more information? Contact us or visit the XEAMOS website for more information about the specifications of the products. 


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