Exhaust After Treatment

We cooperate with our supplier XEAMOS to provide exhaust after treatment systems. Not initiated by legislative rules, but driven by yacht owner satisfaction.

Complete generator solutions compliant with IMO Tier III, for both refit and new build.

We are convinced that there will be no future for soot polluting diesel marine engines in a world where the majority of diesel engines, even in the smallest vehicle, is running without producing any soot at all. We believe that soot-free superyachts are the new standard and simply an umissable part of these luxerious ships.

To be ahead of the game, we created a clean generator set with exhaust aftertreament, for a yacht environment. Taking into account all variables common in yachts such as a wet dry exhaust, fuel quality, limited available back pressure, certification rules and safety, we're keen on providing complete systems from the first moment we start working on a project. 

The outcome is a compact, price competitive design that meets super yacht standards and certification rules. Meeting emission legislation is mandatory; being ahead of this is innovative and sets a new standard for yacht owners.


XEAMOS - clean air engineering

In providing clean air, we cooperate with XEAMOS, specialised in providing bespoke exhaust after treatment systems. Vist their website to get an impression of what they have to offer or contact us to let us know what you are looking for. 

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