Innovative engineering

Innovation allows us to offer you the best product possible. Improving your power applications is our drive! We aim to anticipate our customers' needs and are aware of challenges such as environmental issues and reducing the footprint. This leads several specific and unique engineering features of Zenoro Premium Generators:

Furthermore, we cooperate with XEAMOS clean air engineering to provide exhaust after treatment systems for every generator. XEAMOS provides a range of different technologies, such as Zero Soot systems or Zero NOx sytems. This allows yachts to sail the world freely without having to worry about harmful emissions. 

Silent enclosures

The enclosure design is optimised to reduce noise and vibration whilst maintaining perfect accessibility for service and maintenance. In our aim for ultimate perfection, we perform advanced 3D mapping of our sound enclosures, to optimize low noise performance.

Customised & modular design

We understand that on-board power source requirements cannot be standardised. That's why our default approach is customisation with use of modular designs. We are using our knowledge, experience and innovative engineering to achieve the optimal layout without sacrificing comfort, low emission, noise and vibration requirements.

High end components

Zenoro premium generators are designed and built with high-end components. These parts can be made to comply with current regulations and classifications which are relevant in the sector today. Spare parts or extra components are easy to order via our online webshop

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