Where do I get my Zenoro generator serviced?

Contact your local distributor for service. Go to Find a dealer for one of our locations near you.

How do I purchase a Zenoro generator?

Contact your local distributor for sales assistance. Go to Find a dealer for one of our locations near you.

Where can I buy parts for my Zenoro generator?

You can contact your local distributor to order parts, or order online from our webshop. Go to Find a dealer for one of our locations near you or click here to visit our webshop. 

Do you have specification sheets of the Zenoro generators?

You can find the specification sheets for our different models on our Marine Generators page.

What is the IMO Tier III regulation?


Not sure what the above terms mean or how they’re connected? We’re happy to shed some light on this complex subject.

IMO TIER III is the name of the emission regulations put in place by the International Maritime Organization. These regulations are in force since 2016, after which all vessels with an engine output of 130 kW or more need to comply.

ECA’s are the designated areas in which these regulations are valid – the emission control areas. At this point, both the coastal areas around North America and the Carribean, Baltic sea are ECA’s and many more areas are likely to be added in the future. The regulations concern emission of  NOx, a generic term for nitrogen oxides which can add to acid rain and the tropospheric ozone. NOx is a result of combustion of fuels at high temperatures; more specifically at the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen.

Not only because of the regulations, but more because of the wishes and demands of owners, IMO Tier III compliant solutions are becoming more popular very year and it won’t be long befire it’s the new norm in the yachting world. Adding an exhaust after treatment system to a powertrain can help to comply to these norms. Together with our partner Xeamos we provide a one-stop-shop for an integrated exhaust after treatment systems. 

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